A Smarter and More Efficient Way
of Doing Business

Today's global supply chain demands a new focus on the strategic value of integrating labeling with business processes to standardize mission-critical labeling. A dynamic, data-driven approach ensures consistency and flexibility to offer a platform that's scalable, easily supported and maintained.

Labeling helps with supply chain efficiency

Supply Chain Efficiency

Enable integrated, automated, data-driven labeing to eliminate costly downtimes, ensure faster updates, extend labeling capabilities and maximize print performance.

Labeling helps with regulatory standards & compliance

Regulatory Standards & Compliance

Support rapid label change to manage extensive regulatory variations and ensure compliance to avoid costly fines, supply chain disruption and ultimately loss of business.

Labeling helps with customer responsiveness

Customer Responsiveness

Streamline label changes with advanced business logic which can be quickly and easily configured by users to support regional, language and customer requirements.

Labeling helps with supply chain continuity

Business Continuity

Eliminate potential disruptions and maintain flow of goods, allowing global users to leverage label templates and enable a shift in label production when necessary.

Labeling helps connect your supply chain inside and out

Enterprise Collaboration

Connect and maintain centralized access for labeling across your global supply chain to improve efficiencies, reduce mislabeling and eliminate the need for

Labeling helps strengthen your brand

Brand Awareness

Standardized, centralized labeling ensures accuracy and consistency so that labels comply with brand standards to reduce risk of counterfeiting and reinforce the brand.

Enterprise Labeling - A Supply Chain Imperative

Enterprise Labeling:
A Supply Chain Imperative

View this webinar to hear firsthand from VDC Research, the leading authority in barcode hardware and label software industry analysis, to find out why labeling is a strategic imperative in today’s global supply chains.

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Enterprise Labeling for Dummies

Enterprise Labeling
For Dummies

This book is the definitive source on Enterprise Labeling with an easy to understand explanation that will get you up to speed quickly.

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The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling

Read firsthand from VDC Research, the leading authority in barcode hardware and software, to find out how today's global supply chain is shaping the future of labeling.


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Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions

Loftware’s enterprise labeling software integrates SAP®, Oracle® and other leading business applications to produce mission-critical barcode labels, documents, and RFID Smart tags across the supply chain.


Our solutions and best practices enable leading companies to meet their customer-specific and regulatory requirements with unprecedented speed and agility.

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