Standardized Labels Key to Manufacturing in the Automation Age

by Maureen Perroni, on May 5, 2017

High-capacity manufacturing facilities are becoming more efficient through automation, but those benefits won't be felt without a standardized labeling solution that can keep up with the ever-increasing pace of production.

New Status Quo

As Loftware's own Bob Brown recently explained in Manufacturing Global, decreases in international time-to-market achieved via automation are at risk when companies don't have labeling solutions that can maintain the pace. Manufacturers operating around the world have to manage labeling regulations in multiple countries and handle highly complex barcode systems. This is no small feat and shows the value of standardized labeling software that supports direct and dynamic updates from users.

Products can't make it through production without adequate labeling - everything from traceability to regulatory compliance relies on getting labeling right. This makes labeling a mission-critical part of manufacturing today. No matter how many elements of the supply chain companies automate and streamline, they are only as fast as their labeling software.

Barcode labeling for manufacturingIndustry 4.0 will mean supplier ecosystems linked by their data.

Supply Chains Go Digital

The fast-approaching next era of manufacturing is called Industry 4.0. In a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report on the fresh wave of developments bringing companies beyond the computer age, researchers pointed to a new version of component manufacturing based on on-demand part production at locations around the world. This extremely fast and dispersed approach is reliant on solid digital connections and may fall apart without standardized labeling.

Today and Tomorrow

Organizations that have already increased their speed and responsiveness because of automation must realize that they haven't yet reached the crest of their efficiency. Further digital integration can and will make manufacturing faster over the next few years. Manufacturers may find themselves stuck in a velocity bottleneck if they don't plan ahead with manufacturing labeling software capable of keeping up with demands across various territories.

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