Q1 Event Reveals Upcoming Shifts in Medical Device Labeling Requirements Overseas

by Maureen Perroni, on May 12, 2017

Last week medical device professionals and solution providers gathered for Q1 Production's 6th Semi-Annual Medical Device Packaging and Labeling, at the Sheraton at Pentagon City in Arlington, VA to discuss labeling challenges and solutions.There were several insights brought to light as the EU MDR & IVDR regulations will be available in the coming weeks. However the sneak peek we had made it clear that the labeling requirements overseas will be changing drastically in the coming years. The regulations make it even more apparent the utilizing an Enterprise Labeling Solution, like the one offered by Loftware, will be key in facilitating the transition to adhere to the new regulations.

The conference featured over 40 speakers from the FDA, industry, academia, standards committees and healthcare practice—most of whom were there to share insights to help attendees optimize their medical device labels and packaging programs.This included a panel disucussion moderated by Laura Johnson, Loftware's Life Science Sales Manager. The panel included Hologic, Abbott Diagnostics and Stryker and the group spoke candidly about the challenges of optimizing the labeling function while dealing with an organization shift.

 Some of the highlights of the discussion included:

  • There is no one-size-fits-all for labeling - You have to work with what fits in your organization due to size and the how the organization is structured, not to mention what department labeling fits in within the organization.
  • Prioritize, focus and finish - great way to handle those production labeling interruptions, members of the audience even stressed cutting out all background noise and questions until the problem is solved.
  • Label is the product – get involved early on in the design and creation of a new product. Everything that goes into the product has to go on the label, so having the visibility of the needs from the team is key

Loftware also participated as an exhibitor to showcase how their solutions for the Medical Device space assist customers in meeting evolving regulatory and customer demands across a global enterprise. Loftware also will be participating in the upcoming  7th Annual Medical Device and Labeling conference in San Jose from June 26-27. If you plan on attending and what to schedule a meeting with a Loftware representative please email Jessica Hutter at jhutter@loftware.com.  

 For more on labeling in the Medical Device space check out our recently released Medical Device Labeling Q&A with Loftware industry expert, Laura Johnson.

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