Critical Challenges in Manufacturing Labeling

by Maureen Perroni, on June 27, 2016

Manufacturing Labeling SoftwareThere are a wide range of critical challenges in manufacturing labeling. For instance, did you know that 92% of professionals in the manufacturing space are forced to interrupt operations to reprint labels.  Half of those professionals also reported that it's due to incorrect label data.

Loftware uncovered some of the challenges manufacturing professionals face when it comes to barcode labeling in a global supply chain when they recently conducted a survey of supply chain professionals. The survey polled approximately 175 professionals from global companies.  

Other interesting facts include that 84% of those surveyed are having trouble meeting customer specific requirements with their existing labeling solutions. Unfortunately, when companies can't respond quickly to customer and regulatory requirements in today's global supply chain, they may suffer from fines, penalties and even loss of business.  Other issues faced due to labeling issues include production downtime due to mislabeling  which costs companies up to $100 per hour - resulting in huge losses.

These companies are lacking a labeling solution which offers data-driven labeling allowing them to quickly and easily respond to customer demands.  For more information on labeling in the manufacturing industry, check out the full infographic or Loftware's manufacturing labeling site.  

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