Streamline Your Packaging Artwork Process

Companies in a wide array of industries including retail, CP and pharmaceuticals are under increasing pressure to manage the packaging artwork processes more efficiently and in less time. Leading companies need a powerful, user-friendly, cloud-based platform like Smartflow that streamlines the packaging lifecycle process. Companies in regulated environments also need to track printed artwork and packaging material from change request through the approval process.


Manage Workflows Proactively

Instantly see the status of each project and task within the project or workflow. Digital workflows streamline projects and enable task control for cross-functional teams responsible for new product development, product lifecycle management and artwork approval activities. Speed the artwork process at every critical step, from initial project creation through to final approvals. Track and manage projects and data with flexible and easy-to-use workflows.

Plan and Manage Packaging Artwork More Effectively

Staying on top of everything during the entire lifecycle of a project is challenging. Smartflow helps drive continuous improvement and control projects while anticipating typical challenges and delays. Evaluate projects according to complexity, risk, profitability and current goals. Gain real-time access on project status for product managers, marketing teams, legal, compliance, brand managers and new business teams.



Manage and Approve from Many Sources

Manage and approve content from multiple sources, ensuring the correct copy and images are used for packaging-related artwork and marketing literature. Smartflow is highly configurable and allows you to replicate your way of working, providing easier and more efficient project management for complex processes. SmartFlow also improves coordination with internal and external suppliers resulting in fewer errors and delays when localizing for different markets.

View and Proof High-Resolution Artwork

Gain instant collaboration with your approval community with comprehensive version control over all artworks. DaVinci enables high-resolution graphic artwork, labeling, web and video content to be viewed at the same resolution in real time, regardless of connection speed. Record all changes, annotations and approval/rejection decisions by user, task and date/timestamp. DaVinci provides a full audit history of annotations, approvals and rejections for extensive KPI analysis. Where artworks have multiple revisions, DaVinci can automatically compare versions and highlight the differences.



Manage Digital Assets Centrally

Eliminate the need to search internally and externally for data, artworks and assets. Ensure all approved versions of artwork and supporting documentation (product information, cutter guides and imagery) are stored, managed and accessed easily through one central digital asset library. You can store any file type and attach to projects to ensure that the correct data and assets are used throughout the process. Smartflow also records all version history so you can see who changed what and when. 

Simplify Global Translation Management

Reduce or even eliminate costs associated with pack copy text translation. Create a library of common phrases, in any language, for multi-lingual copy requirements. Leverage workflow between internal and external stakeholders involved in the translation process while ensuring that only the latest, approved phrases are used in pack copy.



Enable Regulatory Compliance


Keep pace with ever-changing regulations with complete audit trail of all projects. Smartflow automatically keeps a permanent record of the entire process including all approval points, status, dates and users associated with any critical path. Users can monitor performance and streamline processes across internal departments, supply chain partners and customers.


Deploy Quickly with Total User Adoption

Eliminate the need for long and costly implementations by leveraging Smartflow’s unique business user configuration. Ensure all users embrace the Artwork Management Solution with an easy to use and understand interface. One simple workspace makes it easy for users or partners to complete tasks without having to navigate multiple screens and windows. Centralized project information means less confusion and greater efficiency while reducing errors.



Gain Insight on Your Artwork Processes

Avoid hours of compiling data with up-to-the-minute dashboards and analysis on all activity as it moves through the system. Improve cost and time efficiencies with instant visibility of the status of campaigns, plus you can drill down for detail on each stage of the critical path. Track KPIs to plan resources across a campaign or project, removing bottlenecks and allocating accordingly for peaks and troughs of expected or even unexpected activity.

Backup and Security for Peace of Mind

Smartflow is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) – so companies only need regular internet access to start realizing its benefits. There are no servers to install, no installation, no IT infrastructure required. Loftware takes care of all the infrastructure, and you can be safe in the knowledge that all the data is held securely and backed up across a world-class data center infrastructure.