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Operating Systems Compatibility

Operating Systems Compatibility
LLM Version WIN 7
WIN Vista
WIN 2008
Server R2**
WIN 2008
WIN 2003
Small Business
Server 2011








* 32-bit only and ** 64-bit only

See Legacy OS Compatibility link below for older versions.

Label Design Program Features

  • Graphical user interface allows you to view labels as they are being designed.
  • New Label Wizard helps you to create the exact label you need in seconds.
  • Printer Configuration Wizard makes adding printers fast and easy.
  • Supports all popular image formats including BMP, PCX, JPG, GIF, TIF, CAL, MAC, etc.
  • "Thumbnail" preview for label format and image loading.
  • MDI multi document interface for editing more than one label at a time.
  • Powerful formula builder for parsing data on-the-fly at print time.
  • Single and group field edit: select, copy, move, delete field alignment tools custom and default zoom levels.
  • Wide selection of industry compliance label templates.
  • Customize On-Demand operator input screens.
  • Design labels to fit "multi-up" on a page using the layout feature.
  • Security features to limit access to various modules by user.
  • Multi-level undo.
  • Design labels in inches or metric units using precise rulers.
  • Floating/dockable toolbars.
  • Sizable grid with "snap to" technology.
  • Move fields a pixel at a time using keyboard arrow keys.
  • Resize, rotate, and stretch graphics at design time.
  • All fields sizable by mouse as well as "floating" properties box.
  • All label formats are available for use in the Loftware Print Server.
  • Accurate merging of label formats to different printer types.

Templates and Symbologies

  • Bar code wizard for generating complex automotive, healthcare, logistics, and telecommunications label formats.
  • Extensive options for customized behavior.
  • Language Properties Wizard for printing International characters, including double-byte fonts such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • Different language can be freely mixed on the label.
  • Support for all major linear barcode symbologies, including Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved Code 2/5, UPC, EAN, TLC39, PostNet, GS1, and others.
  • Supports MOD 10, 43, 7, UCC MOD 10 check digits.
  • Support for 2D symbologies including GS1, Aztec, Databar, QR Code, PDF-417, MicroPDF, UPS Maxicode, and Data Matrix.
  • Create RFID 'Smart Labels' to meet EPC and DOD specifications (for use with LPS Premier Plus RFID).

Data Sources

  • Connect label formats to 32 bit compliant databases like Access, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Excel, dBase, Text, etc., via ODBC connectivity.
  • Database speed search with filtering capabilities.
  • Retrieve variable graphic files from database.
  • Format variable data fields in paragraph blocks that automatically “wrap” depending on the data.
  • Capable of calculating special bar code check digits on-the-fly while the bar code data changes.
  • Set fields to print in any orientation.
  • Print groups of labels from a range of records in a database.
  • Print groups of labels using a custom SQL WHERE clause.

Printers and Print Features

  • Support for major thermal transfer and Windows printers.
  • Configure printers on serial, parallel, USB, and TCP/IP ports.
  • Easily print and access data both locally and across LAN/WAN networks.
  • Centrally share labels, databases, and graphic files with other print stations on your LAN/WAN.
  • Low cost print only modules available that allow you to replicate print stations throughout your facility.
  • Stretch graphics to fit a certain area of the label during print time.
  • Each operator input screen may be customized.
  • Prompt user for any combination of keyboard and database key fields.
  • Test Print allows operator to validate label (with data) before continuing with print job.
  • Supports extra printer controls such as cutters, head temperature, print speed, forms offset, stock type, etc.
  • Set entire label to print in any orientation.
  • Supports printers internal Font, barcode, and serialization capabilities.
  • Supports downloaded and bitmapped True Type Fonts.
  • Supports many different types of incrementing and decrementing fields Powerful Date/Time field functionality including Julian Dates.
  • Audit file creation.
  • Print "multi up" on a page; create your own, or use our provided layouts such as Avery® layouts.
  • Early eject feature for partially filled pages.
  • Start printing on a page at any point in the layout i.e. a reloaded page that was ejected early.
  • Does not generate duplicate serial numbers unless specifically directed to do so.
  • Print ‘On-Demand’ from a database via key field entry
  • Print ‘On-Demand’ via keyboard input

Legacy OS Compatibility

Operating Systems Compatibility
LLM Version WIN 7
WIN Vista
WIN 2008
Server R2**
WIN 2008
WIN 2003
Small Business Server 2011

* Loftware Print Server® versions 8.x and earlier are no longer supported.
* 32-bit only and ** 64-bit only