99.999% Reliability and Unmatched Scalability


Labeling is a mission critical component of the supply chain where disruptions to labeling in areas such as manufacturing, inventory, receiving, and shipping can stop a business cold and result in millions of dollars of lost revenue. Loftware’s passion for providing the most reliable enterprise labeling solution is unequalled with over 5,000 global customers placing their trust in Loftware to support their continuous operations. This commitment to reliability can be translated into 99.999% uptime, which is the calculated production uptime for Loftware customers in 2012. This impressive number defines what it means to be the leaders in enterprise labeling.

Built to Scale with Your Business

Global supply chains evolve over time and as companies continue to grow, their labeling needs change accordingly. Loftware solutions are built to scale and manage these demands today and in the future by empowering customers to:
  • Expand their enterprise labeling to include different types of labels across the supply chain (e.g., shipping labels, WIP, finished goods, or supplier labels)
  • Implement different enterprise applications to drive new labeling or content (e.g., ERP, WMS, MES, or custom applications)
  • Natively print to new and different output devices (e.g., print and apply, thermal transfer, laser, inkjet, or PDF)

Architected to Perform

Loftware solutions are architected to meet the performance requirements of the largest organizations in the world that have hundreds of locations, with thousands of printers, outputting millions of labels per year. In fact, Loftware tests the ability of its solutions to perform to the extreme and has routinely shown the ability to produce over 3.5 million labels in a 24-hour period of time. This equates to a staggering label every 0.024 seconds and is a level of performance that is simply unmatched in the industry.
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